The story of Pro Tech Painting started with a desire that Jim, the owner of Pro Tech Painting, had early on in his working career. 

Jim had wanted to have his own company and build it to a successful company that really appreciated its employees and the hard work and dedication that they put into their work day in and day out.

Jim knew that a successful service based company could only be successful if it had top tier customer service.

While managing a warehouse and having over 200 employees under his management he also started a general contracting company, County Services LLC. This company would later become the parent company of Pro Tech Painting. After his day at the warehouse was done, Jim worked on his business.

Jim started to get so busy with County Services he needed to dedicate himself to it full time. He was getting some much work he needed to hire someone. He decided to hire Bryce as his first employee. Bryce was just out of high school and had already been on numerous construction related jobs because of the experiences he had while he was helping his dad with renovation projects.

Jim and Bryce were bringing in so much work they needed a helping hand, so Jim offered a full time job to James, the Assistant Site Manager of the warehouse Jim used to manage. James had been around home improvement and renovations since the early 2000's.

As they started to get more and more painting jobs, Juan joined the team. Juan was also recruited from the warehouse that Jim used to manage. Juan was a supervisor in the most demanding areas of the warehouse. Juan managed a team of up to 30 people per day and always made his production numbers. Both Jim and James had great respect for the leadership and work ethic Juan displayed in his roll. He was a natural selection to add to the team. Especially when you consider he already had painting experience.

With more jobs and contracts to fill, it was time to get more help. Hand selected from the warehouse was another supervisor that Jim and James knew, Maria. Another hard worker who started in the most demanding area of the warehouse. Her hard work and good ethics got her promoted to a supervisor. So when it was time to find another person to add to the team, asking Maria to join the team was an easy decision.

And the good times keep rolling. Jim was getting so much work for the crew of talented professionals he hand picked that he was needing even more help.  Jim contacted a former supervisor of his that had left the warehouse he managed, Raymundo. Raymundo had also been a supervisor of the area that Juan had supervised and was at one time Juan's immediate supervisor. Raymundo has talent in so many industries and a work ethic hard to beat. Trying to get Raymundo on the team was crucial.  Raymundo accepted the offer. 

Jim's vision of having a top tier service based company is in motion. But Jim is not done yet. As he looks to the future he is still looking to improve processes, offer better products and continue to deliver top notch service to customers to grow the company more.

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